Years of work in Benin


People live in open defecation free environments due to efforts during PAPHyR


Providers trained on-the-job during PSHPA

MCD's History in Benin

Our presence in Benin began in 1986 with the Rural Water Supply WASH project, funded by USAID, which sought to improve access to water in rural areas. Since then, we have worked throughout the decades with other WASH projects as well as additional malaria and RMNACH projects, including:

Programme d'Amelioration de l'Acces a l'Assainissement et des Pratiques d'Hygiene en milieu Rural (PAPHyR)

Community member washing hands at newly installed handwashing station in Benin

From 2015–2020, MCD implemented the Global Sanitation Fund’s Programme d'Amelioration de l'Acces a l'Assainissement et des Pratiques d'Hygiene en milieu Rural (PAPHyR, or in English, Program for Improving Access to Sanitation and Hygienic Practices in Rural Areas) that supported the Government of Benin in working toward access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and to end open defecation by 2030.

Efforts by MCD, the Government of Benin, and other partners resulted in more than 1.1 million people in 5,547 target communities living in open defecation free (ODF) environments, and more than 970,000 people gaining access to improved sanitation and hygiene facilities.

In addition, hygiene promotion was expanded from hand-washing to include menstrual hygiene management in schools and communities and equity in WASH access was emphasized for those with disabilities, such as supporting people who are disabled as facilities were developed to suit their needs.

Project to Advance the Durability of Long-Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (PADNET)

After being awarded the Project to Advance the Durability of Long-Lasting Insecticide-treated Bed Nets (PADNET) in 2012 by USAID, MCD, along with its local partner, Care Group Leaders, conducted a baseline survey, developed an operations research plan, created data collection systems using Android phablets, and procured and distributed bed nets.

From 2012-2017, the PADNET project was successful in using behavioral change communication tactics to disseminate best practices with bed nets (e.g., bed net repair) and assist in conducting communication interventions during bed net distribution campaigns at the national level in Benin.

Accelerating the Reduction of Malaria Morbidity and Mortality (ARM3)

From 2011 through 2018, MCD worked with the Government of Benin’s National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) and Ministry of Health to implement the USAID- and U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI)-funded Accelerating the Reduction of Malaria Morbidity and Mortality Program (ARM3).

Watch the 2018 documentary Reducing Malaria Morbidity and Mortality in Benin: the ARM3 Story:

In collaboration with USAID and PMI, MCD assisted the Government of Benin in rapidly and significantly reducing the number of malaria cases and malaria-related mortality as part of its efforts in bringing malaria deaths to zero and eliminating malaria as a public health threat by 2030.

The main approach to this involved technical experts working closely with the NMCP in intensifying malaria interventions and surveillance at all levels, including continuous capacity building of NMCP and health facility staff.

Overall, this program’s efforts reached more than 11 million people in Benin in all 34 health zones of the country. The mortality rate from malaria plummeted from 12% in 2011 to 1% in 2017. In addition, the percentage of pregnant women who received at least two doses of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria for pregnant women (IPTp) tripled from 23% in 2011 to 67% in 2017.

Along with these outstanding results, a total of 12.3 million bed nets were distributed, and nearly 2,400 doctors, nurses, and health facility staff and more than 1,200 community health workers were trained in malaria education, including both public and private providers.

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Our team continues to work with Benin's government and its partners and funders in continuing RMNACH, health systems strengthening, and malaria-related services to improve the health and well-being of the Beninese people.

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