Employee Wellness Programming

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, research shows that employees in good health are more likely to deliver optimal performance in the workplace. Healthy employees not only have a better quality of life, they also benefit from having a lower risk of disease, illness, and injury, as well as increased work productivity and a greater likelihood of contributing to their communities.

Recognizing the opportunity to improve population health through the workplace, MCD Global Health partnered with a large Maine employer who realized the importance of focusing on preventative health. As a result of this unique partnership, a personalized web-based wellness program was developed to improve the health and wellness of their employees.

This wellness program is a customized, highly secure, and confidential web-based wellness platform exclusively designed for the employer’s health plan members and dependents.

Custom and Comprehensive Wellness Platforms

Since 2015, this customized online workplace wellness program has evolved significantly. Starting with a comprehensive online wellness platform that included features, such as an individualized wellness scorecard with priority focus areas (tobacco, prediabetes, personalized health metrics, and nutrition), a personalized health risk assessment, and detailed information regarding health and wellness benefits offered to members of their health plan, the program has been highly successful through adaptions to meet the needs of participants.

This program has expanded to a vast health and wellness initiative that offers onsite flu/COVID-19 clinics, health and wellness pilots, a Health and Wellness Navigation Team, which provides a point of contact for members to receive information and resources pertaining to health and wellness topics and employee benefits at no cost, lunch and learns, a comprehensive health/wellness signage program, individualized and customized health and wellness initiatives and materials, and much more.

Evidence of this successful partnership can be seen in a number of areas, including utilization rates of the online wellness platform, additional program offerings year over year, and through comprehensive program data.

Our Results


Individuals registered for an account
on web-based wellness platform.


Evidence-based resources on 25 health and wellness topics available within the Resource Hub.

The creation of this workplace wellness program aligns with the current focus of preventative care as opposed to chronic disease. Through the creation, administration, and management of this worksite wellness program, the health and wellness needs of employer populations can more readily and easily be identified and addressed.

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