Telephonic Diabetes Education and Support© Program

Our Results from 2020


Of those who completed the program and returned satisfaction surveys indicated that they were “very satisfied/satisfied with their TDES© Program.


Of participants reached their blood pressure goals by the end of the program.


Of participants reached their A1c of less than 7% (compared to 30% at enrollment).

Changing Your Lifestyle

Randy Keenan

A Wellness Works health promotion coordinator made Randy Keenan realize he wasn’t taking care of himself. Previously, his primary care provider informed him that he was pre-diabetic, and after discussing his blood sugar levels with his health promotion coordinator, Randy decided it was time to take control of his health. His health promotion coordinator provided him with information about the Telephonic Diabetes Education and Support© Program and suggested he meet with an endocrinologist.

Randy took the advice and met with an endocrinologist who took over his complete health care. He also took advantage of another program offered to MMEHT members, TDES©. Between the TDES© program and following his endocrinologist’s directions, Randy lost 30 pounds and lowered his A1c (an average of blood glucose levels over three months) from 8.1 to 6.1. He attributes this success to listening to his diabetes educator about changing his diet, getting more physical activity, and the support he received through his participation in TDES©.

While enrolled in TDES©, he learned that visiting his dentist, optometrist, and primary care provider every year are vital to maintaining the great work he has accomplished over the past three years.

He said, “Anyone who has diabetes should enroll in TDES© because this program will definitely help you take control.”

He is extremely grateful to the MMEHT Wellness Works program and TDES© and is a graduate of all three years of TDES© services offered through the MMEHT health plan.