Our Results


Microscopists trained during the mRDT sessions


Individual OTSS visits in 54 health facilities from 2018 through 2021


Health workers, including 610 community health workers, trained in the use of mRDTs

What Our Team Says:

mamadou-aliou-souare-otss-quote“With the introduction of the SurveyCTO tool on tablets during outreach training and supportive supervision (OTSS) rounds in the laboratories, the tasks have been streamlined with a rapidity that is unprecedented. All data is directly entered, analyzed, and archived; distribution of information is done instantly; and we no longer use excess paper during our supervisions.

“The development of this tool in the supervision of laboratories genuinely improves the implementation of our activities in the field and remains the first of its kind in the Republic of Guinea, thanks to the StopPalu+/MCD Project.”

—Mamadou Aliou Souaré, head of the Laboratory Department, Mali Prefectural Hospital, Republic of Guinea

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