Recap: Twitter Chat on World Mosquito Day

August 24, 2022

World Mosquito Day Twitter Chat image.

On Friday, Aug. 19, Wonder Philip Phiri, Equatorial Guinea country director at MCD Global Health, participated in a MCD Twitter chat on mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases in recognition of World Mosquito Day, an annual event that takes place on August 20.

Phiri, an expert of mosquitoes and malaria control and prevention, lives in Equatorial Guinea and works for MCD’s Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Project (BIMEP). Nine questions related to mosquitoes were asked and answered by Phiri during the one-hour chat while using the discoverable hashtag, #MCDMosquito:

This was the first Twitter chat that MCD hosted, which resulted in the following engagement metrics:

  • 22 total Tweets with the hashtag, #MCDMosquito.
  • Almost 600 interactions with the hashtag, #MCDMosquito
  • Almost 28,000 users viewed at least one Tweet with the hashtag, #MCDMosquito

Recap: Twitter Chat on World Mosquito Day with Wonder Philip Phiri

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