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Director of Finance and Operations

Over the past 40 years, MCD Global Health (MCD) has worked to strengthen health systems through integrated, sustainable, and locally driven interventions across several public health sectors. MCD collaborates with donors, national governments, the private sector, health agencies, communities and local stakeholders to improve health and save lives in the following areas: malaria prevention and control; water, sanitation, and hygiene; maternal, neonatal and child health; health system strengthening (HSS) HIV/AIDS; Zika; and other communicable diseases.

MCD is currently seeking candidates to serve as the Finance and Operations (F&O) for the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) Malaria Capacity Strengthening Program ( MCAPS), funded by USAID, in Mozambique.

Overall Job Responsibilities: 

The Finance and Operations (F&O) Director is responsible for overseeing all project finances and operations in the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) Malaria Capacity Strengthening Program ( MCAPS), funded by USAID, in Mozambique. The F&O Director will maintain the project financial management and accounting system, including all necessary financial and administrative SOPs and controls for the project, according to project manuals/guidelines for financial management, HR, and operations established by USAID/PMI and MCD Global Health (MCD). Along with the Chief of Party (COP), the F&O Director is responsible for compliance with all USAID/PMI rules and regulations and will spearhead training in this area. They will provide all required financial deliverables to USAID/PMI and conduct continual budget monitoring. They will conduct fraud prevention training. The F&O Director reports to and works closely with the MCAPS COP, directly supervises the Maputo-based F&O Officer and the project F&O officers at the provincial level, and maintains close coordination with the Finance Officer and the Sr. Project Manager at the MCD home office.

Specific Job Responsibilities:

1. Works closely with MCD Home Office (HO) to maintain the financial system and accounting system for the project and all necessary financial, administrative, and operational guidelines. She will also coordinate the HR functions such as employee; timesheets, the performance evaluation process, and interaction with the Ministry of Labor.
2. Develops annual MCAPS budgets during the annual work planning and budgeting process and closely monitor and track project spending, ensuring alignment with the project work plan and budget
3. Ensure that high-quality, experienced financial, operational, and administrative staff for MCAPS are recruited, hired, supervised, and supported throughout the life of the project and that all staff adheres to project F& O SOPs and the code of ethics.
4. Supervises on a regular basis the four F&A officers – one in the Maputo project office and the three (3) provincial officers.
5. Participates in weekly senior management meetings with COP and other senior managers, as well as quarterly meetings and all other meetings that the COP convenes and participates in. weekly meetings with the Home Office Finance Officer, Sr. Program Manager, and the COP.
6. Participates in any meeting with USAID/PMI that they require.
7. In coordination with the HO and COP, provide periodic refresher training to the entire senior management team, provincial and district coordinators in financial, administrative, and operations SOPs, in addition to specific F&O staff
7. Develops, implement, and monitor the Security Plan, the Procurement Plan, and the Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation Plan for the project with the support of HO and provide training to staff in these areas.
8. Prepares timely and compliant Quarterly Financial & Pipeline Analysis Reports for USAID/PMI as well as the final project financial report and any other financial report requested by USAID/PMI
9. Works with MCDI legal counsel in Mozambique, alongside the COP, to make any necessary updates to MCDI’s registration as needed and to ensure that MCD is compliant with the Mozambican laws as well as to address any ongoing legal issue that may arise during the project life.
10. Conducts weekly meetings with finance and operations staff in the project and meets with them between meetings if necessary
11. Updates COP and senior management team on project pipeline once a month and any financial issues
12. Works with HO to update, implement, and monitor risk management and fraud prevention guidelines.
13. Leads risk management and fraud prevention training for all staff once a year
14. Participates in the MCD internal audit that will occur during the project and participates in the USAID midterm external evaluation
15. Reviews all partner budgets and financial reports and ensure partner compliance with USAID requirements and MCAPS objectives
16. Plans and conducts regular verification and spot checks of finance and operation supporting documents, procedures, and files and reports to the COP all issues identified and identifies and implements corrective actions
17. In line with the MCAPS transition agenda and identified needs from the Organizational Capacity Assessment and in coordination with the DCOP (deputy chief of party), plans and ensures implementation of financial, operational, and administrative capacity building of the three partner organizations.
18. Supports the COP to ensure compliance of MCAPS operations in Mozambique with all government requirements, laws, and regulations.
19. Ensures that lessons learned and best practices on finance and operation are captured, documented, and shared.

Qualifications, Knowledge, and Experience:

1. Bachelor's degree in business administration, Finance, Accounting, or another relevant field;
2. Minimum 8 years of experience in administrative and financial management of large-scale and complex international development assistance programs;
3. Strong financial and operational management experience with proven management skills; knowledge of financial software QuickBooks or Quicken.
4. In-depth knowledge of U.S. Government financial management rules and regulations;
5. Strong interpersonal and team-building skills with extensive experience building strong host country national teams
6. Strong background in establishing proper administrative and financial controls and fraud prevention
7. Demonstrated capacity to compile Quarterly Financial & Pipeline Analysis Reports, tax reports, and any other financial and administrative documents requested by USAID.
8. Ability to travel to the MCAPS provinces as needed for supervision and training staff
9. Demonstrated capacity in supervising personnel
10. Willingness to provide F&A capacity-building training to MCAPS's three local partners.
11. English proficiency is required

Application Requirements:   

-The Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter (including salary expectations) should be sent to
-The CV can be sent in Portuguese.
-The CV must include three (3) professional references, name, title, phone, and e-mail. When sending the application, please mention the position (MCAPS Director of Finance and Operations) in the subject of the e-mail.   

MCD  is an Equal Opportunity Employer   

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Please reference position MCAPS-353 when submitting your application.