Feb 19, 2020

Medical Care Development's international division and Climate Foundation among top 100 proposals for MacArthur $100 Million Grant

High-scoring 100&Change applications featured in Bold Solutions Network

AUGUSTA, Maine - The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation announced the joint venture of Medical Care Development's (MCD) international division (MCDI) and the Climate Foundation (CF) as one of the top 100 highest-scoring proposals in its 100&Change competition. The purpose of the competition is to award one submitted proposal a $100 million grant to help solve one of the world’s most critical social challenges.

"It is an honor to receive this designation from a pool of nearly 4,000 worthy applicants," said Christopher Schwabe, chief executive officer and president of Medical Care Development (MCD). "As a global health non-profit, we are privileged to be recognized, along with the Climate Foundation, for our proposal which addresses poverty, food insecurity, and environmental degradation in coastal communities of East and West Africa. With the support of the MacArthur Foundation, our proposal could have a transformative impact on the wellbeing, health, biodiversity, and climate resilience of millions of coastal residents."

MCDI and CF's solution could save millions of lives in developing countries and restore critical ocean habitats by empowering coastal communities to develop offshore seaweed production using CF's "Marine Permaculture arrays," a breakthrough innovation.

"Seaweed harvests are threatened by both higher sea temperature and nutrient-poor water, and that threatens the livelihood of millions of seaweed farmers globally. Marine Permaculture arrays enable coastal communities to generate sustainable and climate-resistant seaweed harvests, rebuild fisheries, and develop critically needed products such as food, feed, and fertilizer for humans and agriculture," said Brian von Herzen, founder of the Climate Foundation.

CF's Marine Permaculture technology has already proven successful in three countries so far including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. The next step is to expand this model into coastal communities in Madagascar, Tanzania, and Equatorial Guinea.

"I am amazed by this project promoted by MCD and the Climate Foundation," said Fanomezantsoa Lucien Ranarivelo, minister of agriculture in Madagascar. "Innovative, practical, feasible – I see this as a lever to fight against poverty and a revolution in the approach to sustainable development, especially in Madagascar."

The Top 100 represent the top 20% of competition submissions. The proposals were rigorously vetted, undergoing MacArthur's initial administrative review, a Peer-to-Peer review, an evaluation by an external panel of judges, and a technical review by specialists whose expertise was matched to the projects.

"MacArthur seeks to generate increased recognition, exposure, and support for the high-impact ideas designated as the Top 100," said Cecilia Conrad, chief executive officer of Lever for Change and MacArthur managing director, 100&Change. "Based on our experience in the first round of 100&Change, we know the competition will produce multiple compelling and fundable ideas. We are committed to matching philanthropists with powerful solutions and problem solvers to accelerate social change."

MacArthur's Board of Directors will select up to 10 finalists from these high-scoring proposals this spring.


More about Medical Care Development

Medical Care Development is a global public health non-profit incorporated in the state of Maine with headquarters in Augusta. With over 50 years of experience, MCD is a proven leader, innovator and trusted partner within the global public health marketplace, employing over 500 highly experienced and qualified professionals, in Maine, elsewhere in the U.S. and around the world who are committed to best-practice-based, locally appropriate, cost-effective, life-changing, and enduring interventions and programs.

The International Division of Medical Care Development, MCDI, with offices in Silver Spring Maryland and overseas, uses practical, evidence-based, and high-impact approaches to strengthen health systems in developing countries. Since 1977, MCDI has worked to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations in over 40 countries overseas through integrated, sustainable, and locally driven interventions. MCDI collaborates with donors, national governments, the private sector, health agencies, communities, and local stakeholders to improve health and save lives in the following areas: infectious disease control including malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and Zika; maternal, neonatal and child health; water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Explore more about MCD and MCDI on their websites, as well as follow MCDI on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Please contact these organizations at for more information.

More about the Climate Foundation

The Climate Foundation is dedicated to reversing climate change in our lifetime as well as implementing and scaling technologies with positive impacts on biodiversity and the biosphere. During the past 10 years, the Climate Foundation team has been conducting terrestrial and marine climate-smart development projects in the Philippines, Indonesia, USA, India, Africa, and American Samoa.

At the heart of CF's ocean strategy, Marine Permaculture uses renewable energy to bring nutrient-rich waters to the ocean surface , to better grow valuable sea plants, restore wildlife habitat and improve food security for millions. The CF team is gaining publicity, momentum, and funding from our involvement in the 2040 documentary and being showcased in Paul Hawken's book: "Drawdown." Discover more at and follow the Climate Foundation on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin for more information.

Read MCDI and CF's collaborative proposal

Climate Foundation’s “Marine Permaculture array” technology

Climate Foundation PHP Operational Manager

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