Oct 17, 2017

MCDI Performance Based Financing Project to Present at ASTMH Conference

In Lesotho, MCDI works with the Ministry of Health in a World Bank funded project to provide technical assistance for the Health Sector Performance Enhancement Project. This year, the Lesotho PBF project is presenting results of its first two years of activity to the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) Annual Meeting to be held November 5-9 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The abstract, titled "Improving quality of care and perceived client satisfaction with Performance-Based Financing in Lesotho,” by the Director of the PBF Unit at the Ministry of Health, Ntoetse Mofoka, details the success of the project in improving the quality of healthcare provided by hospitals in the project’s zone of intervention. The results have been positive, with an increase in the number of women delivering children in a PBF participating health facility rising from 53% to 74% between 2009 and 2016. The health facilities impacted by the PBF project are able to improve their quality of care thanks to multiple strategies, which include improving record keeping, involving the community in decision making, and rewarding health providers for client satisfaction.

Mofoka outlines that in the next two years of the project, the goal is to understand how an increase in individual incentives and increased autonomy of the facilities can impact the quality of care and client satisfaction. MCDI will work with the Ministry of Health throughout the lifetime of the project to achieve this goal of improving the quality of care and customer satisfaction.

In addition to MCDI's presence during scientific sessions, MCDI is also an exhibitor at this year's meeting. To follow along with MCDI's presence at this year's ASTMH Annual Meeting, follow MCDI on twitter @MCDITweets.

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